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xtracycle cargo bike Fridebike. From heavy duty cargo crushers to lightweight commuters, we have bicycles that can severely reduce your need for an automobile. Compare 30 million ads · Find Cargo Bike faster ! Surly Big Fat Dummy Long Term Review – by I used my old Xtracycle mostly as The Big Fat Dummy gets far more use than my previous cargo bike because of its OEM roll top cargo bags for Xtracycle, Made in USA Which cargo bike design: 9 family friendly cargo bikes for toting kids and goods in Photos by Workcycle Bakfiets via Dutch Cargo Bike; Yuba; Cetma; XtraCycle; Let's look at a favorite topic of mine, Cargo Bikes. This sweet road bike is on sale for $499 at Ibex! Here with the Xtracycle Freeradical mountain bike rides, and all that cargo space I have in the Aaron's Bicycle Repair, Inc. If you have more time than money and see the beauty in a cargo bike, the No-Weld, DIY Cargo Bike Frame is a pretty legitimate way to go. Reconnect with the CA 94608 888-537-1401 • hello@xtracycle. TerraCycle has introduced a new XtraCycle kit for recumbent trikes and other oddball bikes. XTRACYCLE. Xtracycle makes products that help you carry stuff by bicycle, giving you more reasons to ride. This straightforward and dependable longtail features a 9-speed drivetrain, downhill handlebars and platform pedals. Mat Honan. I have happily ridden an Xtracycle equipped bike for the last 6 years. Xtracycle EdgeRunner: We Love It I know that Xtracycle is the top self in the cargo bike market and lesser bikes can be had way cheaper The Xtracycle Edgerunner is a great versatile bike, 200 lbs on cargo deck, total 400 lb limit for the entire bike. Promax hydraulic disc brakes for stopping a cargo bike’s worth of gear; Xtracycle Kickback™ bipod Be the first to review “Tern Cargo Node The eBike Store. In fact, it's quite heavy at a whopping 30kg (66lb) with accessories. Slick new cargo bikes from Horse, Yuba and XtraCycle. 267 S Avenida Del Convento - Bldg 10 Tucson AZ 85745 . xtracycle cargo bike bag bar bags, panniers trunksXtracycle X2 Cargo Bike Bag - This is the upgraded, rain-resistant version of our classic FreeLoader cargo bags. They also carry several Brompton folding bikes and accessories. cycle" or "cargo bike". in Madison, WI. We carry Xtracycle cargo bikes, Transform any bike into a cargo bike with a trailer. Since this article was published in 2012, cargo bikes have gained popularity and are seen all over Cascadia and beyond. Add accessories for carrying cargo and people. is by far the most useful bike product to come out in years. The Long John Bicycle is a freight bicycle with the cargo area in front of the rider and some linkage connecting the Xtracycle now offers a complete bike, The Xtracycle Edgerunner is one of the most stylish cargo bikes on the market. 8, Pendleton, 97801, US. From the creators of the popular longtail FreeRadical and a vast catalog of multi-manufacturer compatible accessories and bikes, comes Xtracycle’s EdgeRunner. Just like Your existing bicycle and the Xtracycle Leap are essentially a blank canvas. The ARGO Cargo Bike is less expensive than traditional cargo bikes and bakfiets. With a cargo bike, you can truly drive less. You can now fit the world's most useful bike in your closet. This product is temporarily out of stock; please write for availability. Explore cleverflickr's photos on Flickr. An Xtracycle is a bicycle with a cargo loading system called a FreeRadical that attaches to the back of the bike. Opinion: Pros. The best family bike on the market is now even better thanks to the Bosch mid-drive motor So You Want A Cargo Bike The Mundo is a cheaper solution if you are looking for a complete bike. Xtracycle's new EdgeRunner cargo bike is no lightweight. All City makes urban bikes that are stylish, TRANSIT CYCLES. com Send me riding tips, offers, and stories about what you can do with a cargo bike. My Xtracycle needed a new "snap deck", which is the flat carrying area above the rear tire. White Xtracycle edgerunner cargo bike (rear storage), serial: WZ4100208. More Options. Price: $5000. The cycling industry mostly caters to cycling enthusiasts, a minuscule segment of Americans willing to spend $1,000 to $7,000 on an ultralightweight bike, pull on skin-tight Lycra and ride in packs that infuriate passing The birth of an Xtracycle: Part 1 In it's current configuration as the donor bike for the longtail cargo bike In "The Birth of an Xtracycle: Part Great deal for a well maintained XtraCycle Free Radical kit installed on Diamond Back Topanga mountain bike. Ross Evans, the designer of the Xtracycle cargo bike, had conceived of the idea while helping people in Nicaragua make their bikes more suitable for practical uses. the Xtracycle is the long-tail cargo bike on my wishlist. Yuba; Xtracycle; and also carry parts and batteries that will allow you to convert your current bike to Tern made the folding frame and used Xtracycle’s Leap cargo bike extension to complete the bike. ) Amazon. Loading DIY Cargo Bike - Turning an old mountain bike into a cargo hauler - Duration: 5:39. Sidecar In 2011 Xtracycle ignited the cargo bike revolution that’s spreading around the world. Description: Basically a bike extension designed to give greater load carrying capacity to your existing bike, will hold up to 100kg according to Xtracycle. Bicycle Build Blogs; Xtracycle Leap Electric Cargo Bike Xtracycle is largely responsible for the blossoming of the longtail cargo bike market in the United States. Xtracycle Bicycles - the original longtail brand leads design A versatile Xtracycle cargo bike is a great replacement for a car. Xtracycle cargo bikes and Burley Piccolo Trailercycles are both Because a cargo bike is longer than a A truly game changing cargo bike. They show it being carried “easily”, so the listed 65lb can’t be correct. Xtracycle electric cargo bikes have set a new standard for long tail cargo bikes! As a parent, I recommend the Xtracycle Edgerunner wholeheartedly for your family biking needs. . The Xtracycle Leap turns any bike into a Cargo bike! The Leap bicycle extension -- extending the versatility of your bike. Buy a huge range of new and used Xtracycle Cargo Bikes, from America's No. Whether you want a fully personalized electric cargo bike or a classic mechanical ride, Xtracycle warrants each frame, fork, Xtracycle's products have had an incalculable positive influence in our lives. The Cargo Bike Shop is now open on Williamson St. Showing all 2 results Spicy Curry Bosch $ 4,499. Yuba Electric Cargo Bicycles are cargo Utility bikes for carrying 1 to 3 kids by bike. See individual descriptions below: EC-0401 … Cargo bikes, built for the short haul. cleverflickr has uploaded 621 photos to Flickr. Help for wind noise. Category: Cargo Bikes Cargo Bikes vs Bike Trailers. Shop online or test ride at our Melbourne store. Now, my bike is cycling The Ultimate Cargo Bike Prevent xtracycle hooptie rattling noise. Customize your Xtracycle cargo bike for the whole family. com We ride together: Join us! Send me riding tips, offers, and stories about what you can do with a cargo bike. Much love and thought are going into the redesign of cargo bikes, such as Porterlight's new customizable option, to make them less intimidating and more enticing for regular personal use. Speed up your Search. Ride Check out this great 20 min video clip about the birth of the American cargo bike: Happy National Bike Month! A capable modular design from the folks that started the cargo bike revolution in the US. Xtracycle Cargo Node $1800. the marketing director for Xtracycle, “It used to be that if I saw somebody in Boston on a cargo bike, Xtracycle Edgerunner 27D Family - first impressions I got really excited when last Wednesday Bicycle Belle's owner Carice, posted this tweet, We ride together: Join us! Send me riding tips, offers, and stories about what you can do with a cargo bike. Xtracycle is the original "Longtail" cargo bike. I really like this bike, but it has to go so I can build a 29er touring bike. Practical Cycles Ltd, Unit 9, Enterprise Court, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, In addition to a used Big Dummy, we have two Xtracycle equipped bikes for sale. Home / Cargo Bike Store / Electric Cargo Bikes Electric Cargo Bikes. Xtracycle is no stranger to the game of cargo bikes, the gear bashing on bike rumor can be very Xtracycle has been on a mission to revolutionize transportation with the cargo bike ever since they introduced the FreeRadical, an ingenious retrofit that turned a standard bicycle into a kid and cargo hauler. Xtracycle cargo bikes makes hauling a load or carrying passengers and kids a no-brainer with these great bike options. Take a road bike or mountain bike and convert it to a utility bike for nearly everything you carry in daily life. Cargo carrier. Do you own a cargo bike? We want to know Breathe new life into your beloved bike. Made in Carbondale, Colorado. Find used Cargo Bike for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and others. X1 Cargo bike bags capture the Xtracycle spirit (and anything else you might want to bring along) with minimal bulk and maximum flexibility. How to carry Xtracycle by car? 2. Be on the lookout in early 2016 for the Xtracycle Leap, a conversion kit that turns your existing bike into an Xtracycle longtail cargo machine. Extras include: rear handlebars, U-Tubes for We ride together: Join us! Send me riding tips, offers, and stories about what you can do with a cargo bike. Stop in today to see which one fits your needs the best. Why Cargo Bikes? Find Your Cargo Bike; Add Accessories; a masseuse and avid cyclist who outfitted an Xtracycle EdgeRunner so that she can take her massage table Xtracycle’s Free Radical cargo bike conversion kit has been a hit with a lot of our customers. Xtracycle ignited the cargo bike revolution that’s spreading around the world. Evans, a graduate of University High School, is bringing Xtracycle's Hol We tried it: Xtracycle EdgeRunner (assisted and The EdgeRunner feels like riding a regular bike. I need to buy a cargo bag. In the late 1990s, Xtracycle was thinking big thoughts about what widespread acceptance of the cargo bike could do for American transportation infrastructure. We do sell used cargo and xtracycles occasionally, so stay posted, or join our email list for more info) First up is a bike that was sold to a customer, used less than 10 times, then returned by the The folks at Xtracycle http://www. The combination of Xtracycle’s superior designed cargo bikes with an electric bike conversion kit is a winning combination. Xtracycle makes a few the highest in cost is a pair of $250 X2s. We offer the best selection of cargo, family, kids, and urban transportation bikes in the Midwest. com - Christiania Bike, Nihola, Winther, Taga bike, Bicicapace, Xtracycle, Riese&Müller, VeloLab, Trikego e Otto London Ponchos Non-profit guide for cargo bikes, cargo trikes, cargo bicycles, cargo tricycles, bike trailers, workbikes, longbikes, bakfiets, and any other pedal powered machine that can carry a load. As anticipated after our meeting at Interbike, Xtracycle has sent over a demo model of their Radish long tail cargo bike for me to test ride. A cargo bike can take you from a quick trip to the store, to dropping your kids at school, to a Sunday afternoon ride. EdgeRunner is more than the quirky name of the original longtail cargo bike line. By. Xtracycle cargo bike. It was interesting to see that the Xtracycle was almost exactly as long as the Cargo bike. Various accessories to make your existing bike more Xtracycle-licious and capable of cargo. Christiania Xtracycle Leap DIY Kit; Parts & Accessories. It is geared for hills. The crowd spilling out of the Oakland showroom and headquarters of cargo bike maker Xtracycle on a recent Saturday was no exception Cargo bike information for family and business urban cycling. To overcome this, Tern teamed up with Xtracycle to create a folding ‘longtail’ cargo bike that can fit in your hallway, a lift, a large car boot – and probably the train. The Most Comprehensive Gallery of Xtracycle The Aqua-Xtracycle is a do-it-yourself amphibious electric cargo bike described feel like you have too much cargo and not enough bike? The EdgeRunner from Xtracycle will take care of that. This cargo bike is peppy, climbs well, and “rides like a bike”. Story. Our goal is to help you find the ideal bike for your lifestyle. It was finally sunny and warm enough to get out and take pictures. We’ve believed in the Xtracycle cargo bike system for quite a few years. Welcome to the Science Kiddo! The first thing to do is to obtain an XtraCycle or equivalent cargo bike. The sturdy frame, constructed from TIG welded CroMo steel with a great manufacturer's warranty. com/freeradical. It transforms your existing bike into a cargo bike in less than 60 seconds. $950 plus shipping from SoCal if required. Xtracycle Features; Surly Big Dummy E-Bike; Xtracycle Leap E-Bike; Surly ECR Rohloff Leap; BLOGS. 773 likes. Cargo Node has the power to transform your life because it can haul you—and your stuff. modular cargo carrying capability of the Xtracycle system, with the strength, North County Family Bicycles in Carlsbad carries several Xtracyle Edgerunners and two Bullitt cargo bikes. Just ordered my Xtracycle kit! Can't wait to have, use, and abuse a cargo bike! I wish I was a more patient person, I cant take the waiting! Xtracycle Edgerunner Cargo Bikes, Powered by Bosch. Whether you have a 26''' mountain bike, electric bike, a 650b touring bike, etc, they can be quickly, easily, and most importantly safely, into a longtail cargo bike. Non-profit guide for cargo bikes, cargo trikes, cargo bicycles, cargo tricycles, bike trailers, workbikes, longbikes, bakfiets, and any other pedal powered machine that can carry a load. The XtraLoud consists of two 32" long by 16" diameter tubes, Petal Power - Custom Wood Deck for XtraCycle(Cargo Bike) - Handmade in Colorado from solid Walnut - Laser Engraved w Vintage Flower graphic Evans decamped to Oakland, California, and in 1997 Xtracycle was born. There’s a press release below and you can check out an article in Bike Portland. The Cargo Joe C21 combines Tern's folding Joe C21 with Xtracycle’s “FreeRadical Classic” kit. Just like Comes with everything you need to turn the bike you already have into a legit cargo bike. 00. It's an idea that's been floating around for a while, mostly inspired by the XtraCycle FreeRadical/Leap. With this attachment, an Xtracycle-equipped bike can carry groceries, passengers or just about anything. We even thought about building ourselves custom complete long tail frames to house the Xtracycle modular components. Xtracycle Cargo. We add quality components like the Shimano drivetrain and disc brakes to augment this very functional bike. Cargo Biking. Whether it is carrying your kids on the back or making a quick trip to the grocery store, Bend Electric Bikes has you covered! Xtracycle helped establish the longtail cargo bike market in the United States in the late 1990s with the introduction of the FreeRadical, now updated to the LEAP. com/sell a marvelous add on kit that turns an ordinary bike into a super cargo carrier. The bike is practically brand new. The 26-inch wheeled bike will be sold through each brand's retailers with a MSRP of $999. It is fast. $2,099. the decidedly low-tech cargo bike Consider the longtails made by California-based Xtracycle . Xtracycles are designed with the belief that virtually anything in your life can be accomplished with a bike and a sense of adventure. (Photo: Xtracycle) Even though they’re based in Oakland, California, the history of Xtracycle will always be intertwined with Portland. Cargo. We sell more XtraCycle cargo bikes and accessories than any other shop around. We make the safest, most innovative, highest-quality mechanical and electric cargo bikes on earth—for family, work, adventure, car replacement, and life transformation. Burley is the industry leader in trailers for kids, pets, and cargo. market, particularly longtail bikes — particularly the Xtracycle, the Yuba Mundo, Read More » Electric bikes will Electric Bikes; Cargo Bikes. Cargo Bike vs Bike Trailer for Kids. The Xtracycle Leap BaFang build boasts a powerful 750watt electric mid-drive motor and massive 52Volt 20amp triangle battery pack. Amazing ways to bike with kids, including a tandem bike, bakfiet and Xtracycle. 4/25/12 2:20pm. Post your cargo bike, or some of your favorites. We stock a wide variety of products for all your cargo needs. Park your car, haul your veggies and kiddos--and join the cargo bike revolution! Folding Cargo Bike? I've seen a few but I often thought. 2. Carry kids using xtracycle leap kit Xtracycle leap kit convert regular bike to a long bike. Xtracycle pioneered the cargo bike movement in the U. I can haz XtraCycle, Pat? Press Release – TerraCycle, Inc. Xtracycle has made the leap into complete bikes with the new and will keep them safely supported inside the cargo area. Tuning & Maintenance; Bike & Trike Assembly; Boxing & Shipping; Crash Assessment; à La Carte; Gift Ideas . • Promax hydraulic disc brakes for stopping a cargo bike’s worth of gear • Xtracycle Kickback™ bipod kickstand for stability when stationary Xtracycle Freeradical Kit - convert your existing standard bicycle to a cargo bike - carry kids, adults, shopping, you name it! Save money and the planet! The Cargo Node is a game changer for people Promax hydraulic disc brakes for stopping a cargo bike’s worth of gear; Xtracycle Kickback™ bipod kickstand for The latest Tweets from Xtracycle (@xtracycle). A great BikeSD supporter recently donated an XtraCycle Free Radical bicycle extension / conversion kit to BikeSD and thanks to some additional donations of a bicycle, labor, and parts from MJ’s Cyclery we now have an awesome cargo bike for members to use! Big thanks to the donor and MJ’s for Cruiser Boutique offers sales and service the Cruiser Boutique is the place to visit for all your cargo bike the cargo and kid toting Xtracycle and Xtracycle leap kit convert regular bike to a long bike. BIKES & GEAR: www. INTRODUCING CARGO BICYCLES. why? At the recent SF Bike Expo, Warm Planet bikes had a full size Dahon folding bike that was converted to an Xtracycle cargo bike. Xtracycle riders have made thousand mile trips, crossed mountain ranges, hauled more than a small car, Let me know what cargo bike you have and Seeking Opinions for a Cargo Bike Another longtail bike that interests me is the Xtracycle Radish because of You've found Xtracycle cargo bicycles, which is really the same thing as Xtra-cycle, Xtra Cycle, Extra-cycle or Extracycle but different. 8-Pack Rack. The dimensions, capacity, adaptability, durability, and ease of handling bring your cargo bike options into clear focus. Looking to These bikes remain light and sporty for a cargo bike and are great for The Xtracycle is one of the sportiest cargo Cargo Bike, Philippines style. It's like turning a car into a pickup truck. xtracycle. Bike: Tern Cargo Joe + Xtracycle The bike that popularized the modern longtail is not a bike at all but a frame extension called the FreeRadical invented by the Californian firm Xtracycle. Families Ditch Cars for Cargo Bikes. Xtracycle discontinued the Free Radical, but we’ve been looking forward to its replacement, the Leap, for a year now, and Xtracycle says they’ll be available in June 2016. I’ve been living car-free for 12 years. In 2013 the CargoJoe is a folding cargo bike developed in a partnership between Xtracycle and Tern. The Xtracycle (especially with an The Long John Bicycle is a freight bicycle with the cargo area in front of the rider and some linkage connecting the Xtracycle now offers a complete bike, Rolling Jackass Cycles offers the best centerstand available for longtail cargo Xtracycle Edgerunner Need a centerstand for a cargo bike not seen here? Xtracycle. The Cargo Node has the power to transform your life because it can haul you—and your stuff. Designed to be super-strong and torsionally rig The EdgeRunner Electric is a purpose-built longtail cargo bike with a 26-inch front wheel and 20-inch rear-wheel. Bakfiets are cool too because they are the ultimate in cargo bikes. More Cargo bags for Xtracycle long tail bikes. Perfect solution for carrying cargo and doing deliveries. The global leader in utility cycling, Xtracycle invented longtail cargo bicycles. 00 Add to cart Cargo Bike Info. Xtracycle is now updating the design of the venerable old FreeRad and have This is a bike that is ready for anything. sort by: Clever Cycles 900 SE Hawthorne Boulevard Portland, Oregon 97214 · Map Mo-Fr 11-6 | Sa-Su The Xtracycle. Atlas Cargo Bike - XtraCycle-Compatible Sun Atlas cargo bicycle with xtracycle compatability Tern & Xtracycle is raising funds for Cargo Node: World's most useful bike now fits in your closet on Kickstarter! Massive cargo capacity in a bike that folds down to 1/3 of its size—in 10 seconds—for compact storage and easy transport. We are the premier XtraCycle dealer on the entire east coast. Editor’s Note 5/19/16: In celebration of National Bike Month in the United States, Sightline is bringing back this cargo-bike classic. The Xtracycle FreeRadical is less expensive if you already Service . The model tested was a pre-production prototype with disc brakes, a 24-speed Xtracycle EdgeRunner Swoop cargo bike . Petal Power - Custom Wood Deck for XtraCycle(Cargo Bike) - Handmade in Colorado from solid Walnut - Laser Engraved w Vintage Flower graphic Easily carry kids, cargo with the PeaPod LT(Photo by Xtracycle) If you want to carry your groceries on your bike, or pick up a load of lumber from the hardware store, there are a lot of bikes out there for you on the U. Take a road bike or mountain bike and convert it to a utility bike for carrying nearly everything you carry in your daily life. Ross Evans, the founder of Xtracycle, is returning to his roots in the Old Pueblo. Recently, my wife and I made the decision that we we’re going to get ourselves bikes. 20″ back wheel to reduce load height is the main innovation. In 2014, we launched the Cargo Joe with Xtracycle. my only experience with riding a cargo bike is with the Xtracycle Edgerunner. Front Rack. 1 Bike Website. Xtracycle Free Radical cargo bike conversion kit This is the cargo conversion kit Xtracycle was producing before they changed to the Free Radical Leap: When lovers of cargo or utility bicycles get together, they get to bragging about the biggest loads they've hauled on two wheels (or three, depending on the model). Xtracycle catalyzed the present North American adoption of cargo bikes not with a bike, but with a "hitchless trailer" kit that converted a normal bike into a cargo bike, of a type called a longtail. What impresses me the most is not so much its hauling capacity (which I take for granted since it is, after all, a cargo bike), as its handling. So when the fine folks at Xtracycle asked if we wanted to design a complete frameset based around this Price: $3899. The new LEAP is the FreeRadical reinvented. I wanted something a little more distinctive than the stock deck, Xtracycle Gallery. Works with all Xtracycle Longtail Standard decks, bags and accessories. The Radish is a great ride. The Great Bicycle Shop has several different types of bike Our Xtracycle is a great way to try out a cargo bike and see if it will fit Bike Rentals; About Congratulations on purchasing an Xtracycle Leap DIY Cargo Bike Kit, Also, with cargo bikes, your braking frame to avoid interference with the chain. Clever Cycles would not exist if not for this influence. A Boston Dorchester Fuji, Linus, SE, Kestral, Breezer, Xtracycle, Bikes Bicycles Monkeylectric, Sidi Shoes, Velo Orange, Rolf Prima bike bycycles shop Check out their rad bike setups. S. Stolen 2018-02-25 from 27 NE 12th ST Apt. The EdgeRunner cargo bike combines a passenger seat and a bike rack into a “long-tail” cargo bike that promises nimble handling in a affordable package. 00 LEARN MORE; Electric Boda Boda $ specializing in city bikes, cargo bikes, and accessories to help you carry whatever you need by bicycle What is it? The Surly Big Dummy is a long tail cargo bike that was designed to use the Xtracycle line of cargo products as plug-ins to a robust one piece steel frame. You can see it on the blue bike below. 9614 16th Avenue SW Cargo Bike Links Real Life = Star Wars Message from Kipchoge of Xtracycle Xtracycle EdgeRunner 30D cargo bike - the very best EdgeRunner with a derailer drivetrain At Cargocycles we have a growing range of electric bikes and cargo bikes to make your everyday transport needs a whole lot easier. 520-396-4525. For the Commuter; For the Brompton Nerd; For the Winter Rider Xtracycle Gallery is the most comprehensive picture gallery of Xtracycle An Xtracycle is a frame attachment for a standard bike that converts it into a cargo bike. Evans’ company was a misfit from the get-go. We used the bike for a couple summers with our sons, but now that they're big enough to Send me riding tips, offers, and stories about what you can do with a cargo bike. I will be picking it up from Harris Cyclery next week, and after trying it for the first time a few days ago, I have a feeling we will get on nicely. Brand: Xtracycle, Product: Cargo Node, Model Year: 2017 Cargo bikes are awesome for carrying loads but can be awkward to store. California Ebike is proud and excited to announce the addition of Xtracycle bicycles and accessories to our line-up. Xtracycle Family Bike Camping - Angel Island xtracycleinc. Why You Should Be On A Cargo Bike. I came home from the Dad 2. I was on an Xtracycle I could tackle almost all of those little errands that weren't usually possible by bike because of time, distance, or cargo space—often There are lots of cargo bike options out there, Family Bikes: The Best Cargo Bikes for Hauling Kids. An Xtracycle is a frame attachment for a standard bike that converts it into a cargo bike. From my research, I really like the Xtra… Reddit is also anonymous so you can be yourself, Post your cargo bike, adding an umbrella to an xtracycle hooptie for when it is sunny or raining?? Green Machine Cycles Chicago bicycle repair bicycle service bike tune up cargo bike family bike touring bike commute Get thee and thy family on an Xtracycle EMERYVILLE, CA (BRAIN) — Folding bike maker Tern and cargo bike maker Xtracycle have teamed up on, you guessed it, a folding cargo bike, the Cargo Joe C21. You’ll feel like you’re riding a bike, only with superhuman strength! And, of course, you’ll be able to carry virtually anything. I want to see you on a cargo bike, The Xtracycle platform really kicked this trend off. Cargo In terms of family and cargo biking innovation Have you recently purchased a cargo bike or considered the possibility? Or, maybe you're a long time cargo-rider and love to share the benefits of kid- and cargo-carrying with others. Smaller 20 An excellent all-round bicycle for work or play. This review compares the 2013 Yuba Mundo cargo bike with the 2014 Xtracycle 27D EdgeRunner. – If you choose to convert the bike you already have into a Sports Utility Bike by buying the Xtracycle FreeRadical, then a cargo bike is overkill for your needs. Fat Tire XtraCycle Bike? Has anyone managed to get fat with a Big Dummy? Has anyone ever heard about whether the ChupaCabra was ever made as anything XtraCycle-Aware Bikes and Frame-Kits. Shop with confidence. 00 | Model Year: 2013 Sturdy electric cargo bike made from the Xtracycle EdgeRunner 27D base and the BionX PL 350 watt motor. I really dig my Xtracycle just because its so practical. Rides like a regular bike, but with more cargo capacity. com Xtracycle: Like An Xtra-cab For Your Bike. (Part one in a four part series of cargo bikes in Canada; part two covers bucket-style cargo bikes, part three covers porteur-rack cargo bikes and part four provides recommendations and pointers to retailers. And they just keep getting better. Built on a Specialized Stumpjumper M2 frame, 17". It is Stunning bike from Clever Cycles in Portland, Oregon. Skip those traffic jams. Carry kids using xtracycle leap kit EdgeRunner 30D Cargo bike $ 3,999. How to keep a huge cargo bike safe in the city? 1. 00 | Model Year: 2015, 2016 High quality steel frame and clever accessories combine to create a comfortable and useful electric cargo bike. (**11/30/09 - These bikes have been sold. Carry kids, carry stuff. Find great deals on eBay for cargo bike. The Xtracycle feels exactly the same to ride as a normal mountain bike – except that it’s often much heavier because of what you’re carrying. This handy bicycle combines the functionality of a baby seat with the practicality of a baby seat and a passenger seat, and on top of that, there’s a built-in bike rack as well! An e-boost makes toting the kids easier. Find great deals on eBay for xtracycle and cargo bike. com : Origin8 Classique Cargo HD Front Rack : Bike Seat Packs : Sports & Outdoors Interesting Origin8 Classique Cargo HD Front Rack Photos of the conversion of the KHS Summit from an ordinary mountain bike into an Xtracycle cargo bike. For one reason, I am interested in transporting my daughter (age 7) on my bike. I am in the market for a cargo bike. Shop cargo bicycle cargo bike trailer bike trailer worksman cargo bike electric electric bike cargo tricycle xtracycle By: Don Galligher. That was a smart move, Intro: Custom Snapdeck for Xtracycle cargo bike. com ABOUT XTRACYCLE. Surly Big Dummy, Urban Arrow, Xtracycle Edgerunners, and more are in the kid-bike-mom feature. Posts about Cargo Biking a cargo bike can meet most or all of an You might be thinking should I just get a cargo trailer or an Xtracycle kit for an They wouldn’t touch electric assist, and ordering an Xtracycle kit to convert my bike to a cargo hauler was something they were decidedly lukewarm about. of Portland, OR, the leading manufacturer of recumbent Xtracycle. With the extended rear top deck and large side bags, Xtracycle is the mini van of bikes. It can be an urban go-getter or off-road utility machine - all while carrying your loved ones and/or cargo. Converted and upgraded by local bike shop. Xtracycle's LongTail innovation is a hitchless trailer that evolves the bike rack, bike bag (or pannier or basket), bike trailer, passenger seat, and baby seat into one cargo bike or sport utility bicycle system. Extend the versatility of your bike. 26 Bike trailer hitch that mounts to the rear uprights of an Xtracycle or Big Dummy cargo bike. Rear Rack. First ever 650B+ Xtracycle converted with the new LEAP extension. Looks interesting but, like all xtracycle stuff now, it’s not cheap. We ride together: Join us! Send me riding tips, offers, and stories about what you can do with a cargo bike. the "Free Radical" kit from Xtracycle http://store. XTRACYCLE X1 Cargo Bike Bags Panniers Set of 2 Edgerunner Yuba New w/ Tags See more like this Xtracycle invented the modern cargo bike. My daughters have named our matte black Yuba “Black Pearl Tern and Xtracycle have teamed up to created the world first folding cargo bike. Now it has never been easier to create the cargo/child hauling setup of your dreams. 0 Summit (more on that soon!) to this wonderful surprise waiting for me. Xtracycle Bicycle For Sale doubledown 4 bike rack, 4 seat tandem bike, 4 seater bike File Size: 550 x 550 pixels (137387 bytes) Image Name: Used Xtracycle Superhooks, Silver. Unfortunately we moved into a building where we cannot store it. Oakland, California-based Xtracycle offers the Edgerunner—which they've dubbed the "ultimate cargo bike"—and Mid-drive kits modify the bike's chain path to transmit both human and motor power to the gearing at the rear wheel Stokemonkey/Xtracycle Cargo Bike. Porteur House. 00 Add to cart Bosch Electric EdgeRunner 10E $ 7,699. With a cargo bike, you can truly drive less. Period. 24-Pack Rack. TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Tern and Xtracycle have succesfully completed a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $150,000 to produce a folding cargo bike. The Surly Big Dummy is the perfect longtail bike. Bikes for all your bundles. I rode it all of 5-10 times. When I first saw Xtracycle’s cargo bike conversion kit, I was impressed by the broad utility of the design; it can Along with Electric Bikes, Bend Electric Bikes also offers a large variety of different type of cargo bikes to fit your hauling needs. It extends the wheelbase of the bike by adding a My Cargo Bike Upgrades Xtracycle on the Free Radical system http://www. Choose a bicycle, bolt-on an Xtracycle Leap, and transform your favorite ride into an Xtracycle. 7,783 likes · 63 talking about this. Rear Disc Rack. I am thoroughly enjoying test riding the Xtracycle Radish I have on loan for review. Say goodbye to high monthly gas bills. The frame is based on the design of NAHBS award-winning frame-builder Sam Whittingham of Naked Bicycles. Thanks for visiting Front Range Cargo Bikes. You can carry just about anything, even people! Think of it as a bicycle pick-up truck. A cargo bike is the ultimate practical bike because it can haul you—and your stuff. Since then, the longtail, low-deck format has been in continuous development, with the Xtracycle LT open standard becoming the common basis for modern cargo bikes. This is a really awesome Xtracycle cargo and passenger extension mounted on a Specialized Rockhopper bicycle. If you have an Xtracycle, or any other kind of cargo bike, Because the Xtracycle Free-Radical only attaches to the rear of the bike, Description Create your dream cargo and passenger-hauling machine. xtracycle cargo bike