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Underneath it, the Footage Dimensions popup will become active. If you select Document Size, After Effects will create a footage item the size of the entire layered file, with this one layer placed where it was in the original file. We prefer the option Layer Size, which auto-trims the layer to just the pixels needed. Select it, and click OK. B A S I C A N I M AT ION — Lesson 1 31 5 Notice that just the butterfly appeared as a footage item in the Project panel. Drag it into the comp you created in the previous step.

36 Select Layer > New > Solid; the keyboard shortcut is Cy (Ly). To create a full-width bar, click on the Make Comp Size button; this will create a solid that fills the entire comp. Then enter a smaller value for Height, such as 60. Next, click on the color swatch along the bottom of the dialog, and select a color you think would nicely complement your other elements (say, red), and click OK. Give it a name such as “Solid Bar” and click OK. 37 In the Timeline panel, drag and drop Solid Bar up and down the layer stack, seeing where it looks best interwoven with the other layers (the comp’s image area will not redraw until you release the mouse, so this will involve some trial and error).

Then click on one of the other flower photo layers in BA S I C A N I M AT ION — Lesson 1 29 the Timeline panel, and C+click (L+click) on the third to select it as well. Type Cv (Lv), and your shadow will be pasted onto the other two photos. ai, and paste again: You will get a shadow, but it will appear much larger and more diffuse. This is because you scaled down the photos compared with the title, and After Effects calculates effects first, followed by transforms such as scale. ai to make it look more appropriate.

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