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By Michael Tonsmeire

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Probably the most interesting and dynamic segments of today’s craft brewing scene , American-brewed bitter beers are designed deliberately to be tart and will be inoculated with souring micro organism, fermented with wild yeast or fruit, elderly in barrels or mixed with more youthful beer. Craft brewers and homebrewers have tailored conventional eu recommendations to create the various world’s such a lot precise and experimental kinds. This booklet information the big range of procedures and elements in American bitter beer creation, with actionable recommendation for every degree of the method. concept, schooling and sensible functions for brewers of all degrees are supplied through a few of the country’s top recognized bitter beer brewers.

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9. At the upper end of this range the beers taste lightly tart, while at the lower end they have a bracing acidity. 0 indicates a 10 times greater acidity. 7. 0 it would probably be best saved for blending, where it can be used to boost the acidity of another batch. 2 How acidic a beer is perceived to be is not solely a matter of its pH. Each acid contributes a unique character to the flavor of a beer. 5 due to the presence of lactic acid will have a much softer palate than a beer that has the same pH resulting from acetic acid.

COMMERCIAL METHODS OF SOURING Classic European Methods Berliner Weisse Belgian Lambic, Gueuze, and Kriek Flemish Red Flemish Oud Bruin American Breweries’ Methods New Belgium Brewing Company Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Russian River Brewing Company The Lost Abbey and Pizza Port Cambridge Brewing Company Captain Lawrence Brewing Company The Bruery Cascade Brewing Ithaca Beer Company Allagash Brewing Company Sour Worting 6. HOMEBREW METHODS OF SOURING Mad Fermentationist (My Method) Other Homebrewers Dave and Becky Pyle Remi Bonnart 7.

But much of my education has come from sharing experiences with other brewers, as well as learning from those who have been brewing these beers for generations. Early on in the learning process we overcarbonated a batch of Temptation bottles. We had to uncork all of the bottles in order to release some CO2, then recork each one. We did this process by hand four times to over 3,000 bottles before finally adding a new wire hood. Fortunately, it worked and we were able to sell all the beer. That money was likely needed to make payroll back in the early days!

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